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CTE Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan

Subject/Content Area

Welding Level lll

Grade Level


Lesson Topic

4-Year CTE Promotion Presentation

Lesson Objectives

(What do you want students to know by the end of the lesson?)

By the End of this Lesson SWBAT

  • Prepare and deliver a presentation.
  • Discuss what they learned through the years in Welding.
  • Share their favorite project challenges and knowledge gained.
  • Provide evidence of Common Core learning within CTE.
  • In your own words describe what CTE has done for you.

State Standards/Common Core State Standards (CCSS)/CTE Standards

(What state, grade level, and CTE standards does this lesson address?)

  • Computer Technology
  • English/ Writing
  • Examples of Math learned from Welding

Resources and Technology

(What materials do you need for this lesson? What technology will you use for this lesson, such as computers or SmartBoards?)

Google Slides or PowerPoint, source to take Pictures, Projector, Computer, Business Casual Attire.

Anticipatory Set and Prior Knowledge

(How are you going to focus students’ attention at the beginning of the lesson? How are you going to use information that students already know to form a foundation for introducing new concepts?)

Students prior knowledge include computer technology classes that students completed in high school; English writing classes to form a high level Presentation. The students will take apply these pre-developed skills and combine them into a high-level presentation of their CTE experiences. This will also provide students with experience speaking in front of a group.

Differentiated Instruction

(How are you going to differentiate the lesson for all learners, such as students with special needs, English language learners (ELLs), and gifted and talented learners?)

Leveraging each students strengths in a particular area like, presentation creating and writing, I will pair with a student that needs assistance such as ELL's or special needs. I'll also vary the way I present information such as combining, audible, hands on, and visual lessons.

Learning Styles and Behavior

(How does your lesson address the needs of the visual, auditory, and tactile learner? How will you manage student behavior?)

Most of my students are Kinetic Learners, and most of their knowledge based was gained from a hands-on project. I have created a visual Library where students can access examples of all the projects we have done since I began teaching.  The library will continue to grow and the students can use as resources to prepare for their own presentations.


(How are you going to model for students what you expect them to be able to do?

I will model my expectations many times throughout this lesson. I will give the lesson as a presentation demonstration and Business Casual Dress Speaking in front of a group while using a presentation.

Guided Practice

(How are students going to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson objectives?)

The students and I have a shared google drive that allows me to see their progression. Analyzing this I will be able to see how well the students understand the project. If there are struggles, I can put together a sub lesson to assit with the struggle area.

Checking for Understanding

(What questions and activities will you use to determine whether students are ready to work on their own?)

To check for understanding I will do a Think-Pair-Share on different objectives. For example, provide a time where you utilized a common core in the Shop? Describe what it is and what you learned?

Ongoing Feedback

(How are you going to provide your students with ongoing feedback or assistance during the guided practice?

I will be Checking their progress through Google Driver while leaving comments or questions to help students reach a higher level of thinking.

Formal and Informal Assessment

(How will you determine whether students have mastered the objectives?)

Each objective will be an informal assessment requiring students to focus on small isolated parts of the presentation. The Formal Assessment will be the PowerPoint presentation, and presentation delivery.


(What opportunities will you provide for students to reflect on what they have learned?)

There will be an exit slip before the class ends to determine what

students have learned from this lesson. The exit slip will consist of

each student writing a 3-sentence reflection on what they learned,

what challenged them, and what they would do differently next time.

Independent Practice

(What independent practice activities will you provide for students to practice what they have learned in class?)

Students will practice speaking in front of class. At the end of the day, they will have to reflect on challenges and skills learned.

This will have provided them with practice speaking in front of a groups and allow me to receive feedback from each day.

Lesson Reflection

(What went well? What would you do differently next time?)

The Students did a great job creating captivation PowerPoints. Next time, I may incorporate additional teaching methods to see if this affects the outcome, such as quick videos, to help students understand the end goal.

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