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The Wiki is website for students and teachers that will be used as a one stop shop for CTE related Information. The wiki is organized into 5 sections, each using a different method of presenting the information.

Part 1: CTE History and Legislation. Students can easily view a graphic organizer which highlights 4 significant events in CTE education in America over the last 150 years.  Each includes a link to a relevant resource for additional information.  For a sequential list of events, a link to a timeline is included.  Students can use this as a quick study guide to prepare for exams.

Part 2: Facts and Current Trends. A Wiki page dedicated to the structure organization in American schools is accessible for students and teachers.   This an information page that provides an overview of Career Clusters and Career Pathways; Programs of Study; Common Career Technical Core and CTE Delivery Systems. Links are embedded into the content. Teachers can add to this page as new trends unfold and students can use this a resource for career planning.

Part 3: CTE Resource List.  I have created a Table that includes CTE resources from 5 states (RI, MA, CT, CA and TX).  For easy navigation, each resource is categorized into the following themes:

·       Employability skills

·       Legislation (include youth employment laws)

·       Classroom supports

·       CTE program requirements

·       Work-based learning

·       Advocacy and program marketing

·       Miscellaneous

I will encourage students to add resources when they find one helpful. Eventually, we will have many states represented as well as different categories.  Students will benefit from the employability and work based leaning section to help prepare for their future.

Part 4: Lesson Plan. The wiki includes 2 lesson plans: Dead Blow Thor Hammer and 4 year CTE Promotion Presentation.  This is a great place for teachers add their Lesson Plans and learn from the collective.  Teachers often have different styles and ideas on how to effectively teach their students. Having access to their lesson plans is a great way for teachers to grow and evolve.

Part 5: Summary. In addition to some of the examples described above, the Wiki is a great place for students to collaborate and have fun by sharing classroom or event pictures, student recognition and calendar of events.

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